hen I was diagnosed with terminal cancer  at the age of thirty, my crusading in community psychology was forced to the wayside. But not so my writing. I write simply because I breathe. By weaving words -- of passion and justice, of love and hope -- I try to remind us all of the beauty we can claim.

"My mistress Muse lends me peace and, in an odd way, I have more freedom now than I've ever known. Because I'm dying, I'm free to put my loved ones and my writing first. They are, after all, remarkably intertwined.

"Life is incredibly good. It has never been better."

--Chris Anne Wolfe

efore her death in July 1997, beloved lesbian-feminist author Chris Anne Wolfe published two of her four classic Amazon adventure novels -- Shadows of Aggar and Fires of Aggar. Representing the elements of air and fire, these two volumes have stayed in print and sold out multiple editions.

Chris Anne also published a Beauty and the Beast retelling, Roses & Thorns, and the time-travel romance Annabel & I. Her urban fantasy/autobiographical short story, Death, Sweet Suitor Mine, was released as a special edition.

Rumors of the existence of additional novels by Chris Anne predate popular use of the Internet and a few even contain some truth.

Chris Anne did indeed leave the exclusive rights to her novels, stories, poems and songs to her publisher and friend, Jennifer DiMarco. Among these works include the unpublished manuscripts for the two remaining Aggar books, an Aggar role-playing game with campaigns, a collection of short stories, several other fantasy novels, and more.

But even entrusted with this treasure trove, DiMarco remembered Chris Anne's insistence that family comes first, and so, for many years, DiMarco's focus remained on raising her two children with special needs.

Finally, in late-2012, with her children older, DiMarco organized a team of remarkable volunteers. Driven by dedication to Chris Anne's work, Rebecca Fitzgerald, Brianne DiMarco, Skye Montague, and Harley DeSalvo have been working to bring the rest of Chris Anne's books to light.

To celebrate this momentous project, new editions of the existing Aggar novels were published in May 2013. Based on notes Chris Anne left about her "Aggar dream covers," the new editions are truly gorgeous with new covers and even interior artwork in a style Chris Anne loved. Then, with help from readers and fans, the third book of the Amazons of Aggar series, Sands of Aggar, was released to the public for the first time. And the effort didn't stop there.

Find out more about Oceans of Aggar and Chris Anne's other incredible books that are being prepared for readers worldwide. Or browse the all-new books and new editions of that the team has already brought to light -- including the Amazons Across Aggar card game!

Our efforts are organized under a Washington State nonprofit corporation. Your donation may be tax deductible; please speak with your tax consultant.

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